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SSL Certificates

A SSL certificate is a necessity for those who will be running an e-commerce website. With the number of identity theft cases that have made the news, consumers are very aware of the possibility of identity theft. These consumers are less likely to place an order or do business with a company that is not verified with a reputable certificate authority. Not having a SSL certificate will eventually cost your business money. Since our SSL certificates start at $20 per year, you won't have to worry about another big expense while you're trying to get your business and website running smoothly.

The process of getting a valid SSL certificate can seem complicated and invasive. The certifying authority will need to verify that your company owns the domain tied to the SSL certificate. In addition, the certifying authority will need to verify your business records to be sure that you are doing business under the business name associated with your domain.

Once you have a secure certificate, customers that find you on the internet will feel more comfortable placing an order through your website. These customers will also feel comfortable giving you other personal or identifying information, knowing that you will do everything you can to keep their data safe from identity thieves. Since we frequently run security updates, the secure certificate is simply an addition to the data protection that offers to our customers.

At, we offer GeoTrust SSL certificates. If you are unfamiliar with GeoTrust as a digital certificate provider, they are the second largest certificate provider in the world. With customers in over 150 countries, more than 100,000 companies trust GeoTrust for their digital certificate needs. Through GeoTrust, we offer a large selection of SSL and digital certificates to help you ensure the security of your customers' digital transactions.

RapidSSL ®

DV SSL Certificate
Issued in minutes, easy set up and install! Ideal for just getting started.
Validation Type: Domain Validation
Warranty: $10,000



RapidSSL Wildcard ®

DV SSL Certificate
Secure all your sub-domains with affordable and strong encryption SSL certificate.
Validation Type: Domain Validation
Warranty: $5,000



QuickSSL ®

DV SSL Certificate
A low-priced, value-branded SSL certificate delivered to you within 10 minutes.
Validation Type: Domain Validation
Warranty: $100,000



QuickSSL Premium ®

DV SSL Certificate
A low-priced SSL Certificate issued in minutes with an extended warranty and a dynamic True Site Seal.
Validation Type: Domain Validation
Warranty: $500,000



True BusinessID

DV SSL Certificate
Trusted protection and assurance to your customers that your site is trustworthy and secure.
Validation Type: Organization Validation
Warranty: $1,250,000



True BusinessID Wildcard

DV SSL Certificate
Affordable and flexible SSL security for unlimited sites on a single server.
Validation Type: Organization Validation
Warranty: $1,250,000



True BusinessID with EV

DV SSL Certificate
Only Extended Validation SSL Certificates trigger the green bar in high-security web browsers.
Validation Type: Extended Validation
Warranty: $1,500,000




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