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When you first start a website, your goal is to get as many visitors to your website as possible. Although the main way to get traffic to your website is to add your web address to your business cards and other print advertising, you probably want to be able to reach outside of your normal clientele. One of the best and most reliable ways to get traffic to your website is through search engine marketing known as SEM and search engine optimization known as SEO. With SEO, you work to get your business and website to come toward the top of the search engine results pages with the use of keywords. SEM includes the use of pay-per-click advertising like Google AdSense.

At, we offer 3 different programs for search engine optimization. You can use any of these programs on its own or you can use a combination of all three of our SEO programs to get the largest number of visitors to your website. Each of these programs focuses on a different aspect of search engine optimization to give you the best combination and get your website to show up toward the top of the search engine results pages.

RichContent - $10.00/mo [ ORDER NOW! ]
RichContent The first program we offer is RichContent. By using RichContent, you can add high quality videos and articles to your website. Each of these videos or articles will be relevant to the topic on your website and will help expand the content of a new website. For websites that have been around awhile, RichContent will help refresh the content on your website to bring it higher in the search engine results pages.
GeoSEO - Price Varies, Contact Our Helpdesk For Pricing
GeoSEO The second program that we offer for SEO only works for our US customers. GeoSEO helps your business show up on the search engine results pages for customers from the same geographic location as your business, including one of the surrounding cities. GeoSEO works especially well if customers are looking to buy local and are searching for a business within a certain city or zip code.

Please contact our Sales Department via our helpdesk for a detailed quotation.
SpiderMonkey - $250.00 [ ORDER NOW! ]
SpiderMonkey The third and final program we offer for SEO is called Spider Monkey. Spider Monkey works help you create 'long tail' keywords, helping you to get your website to the top of the search engine results pages when your potential customers enter search terms that aren't common. Using Spider Monkey can increase your web traffic by between 30 and 50%. You'll receive a results page with a number of 'long tail' keywords or search terms. Although you may find it's expensive to target your advertising to these search terms, you can use other methods to get your website to show on the search engine results page for these keywords.

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