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Semi-Dedicated Server (VDS) Business Hosting
2 Dedicated 2.2GHz CPU Cores
2 x 80GB SATA Hard Drives
1TB Premium Grade Bandwidth
Linux or Windows OS Available
Control Panels Available
FREE Full Management
FREE Setup
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Semi-dedicated servers starting from $44.95/month - click View More Plans to see our other plans!
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Semi-Dedicated Servers (VDS)

If you know that your website is going to have a lot of traffic, you may want to consider one of our semi-dedicated servers. With semi-dedicated hosting, your server will use dedicated CPU, RAM and hard disks. Our semi-dedicated servers also offer the use of dedicated CPU core(s) with processing speeds starting at 2.2 GHz and going up to 3.4 GHz. Though many websites have no problems using a VPS without semi-dedicated hosting, if you have a lot of traffic or will be using a lot of bandwidth, you'll want to seriously consider semi-dedicated hosting for your web hosting needs.

With our semi-dedicated hosting choices, you can choose from either Linux or Windows. No matter what flavor of Linux you choose, you can get full SSH access, allowing you to install any software you need. If you choose Windows, you can get full Remote Desktop access. If you'd prefer to manage your semi-dedicated server through a web interface, we offer an optional cPanel installation.

With our semi-dedicated hosting, we guarantee the server resources you receive as part of your plan. Unlike our competitors in the same price range, we don't oversell the server's resources. You will receive dedicated and guaranteed resources for your hosting needs.

Performance is critical in the hosting world. has tested its Semi-Dedicated Hosting Solution against a few of the top cloud platforms. To review these benchmarks, please download our Semi-Dedicated Benchmark Comparison report.

PLEASE NOTE: All plans are completely customizable by clicking [ CUSTOMIZE NOW! ]. Below are our most popular plans for an example of configuration and pricing.

  Roost Yard SSD
Monthly Price $44.95/mo $59.95/mo $59.45/mo
Dedicated CPU Cores 1 2 2 (2.2GHz) 2 (3.4GHz) 2 (3.4GHz)
Upto 16GB Available
Primary Hard Drive 2
SSD options available
80GB 400GB 80GB SSD
Secondary Hard Drive 2 3 80GB 400GB 80GB
Premium Grade Bandwidth
Upto 1200GB Available
Network Uplink 1000Mbps 1000Mbps 1000Mbps
IPv4 Addresses 4
Up to 5 Included
2 2 2
IPv6 Addresses
Available Upon Request
Private Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
VPN Access
Available Upon Request
VNC Access      
Full Server Management (Optional)
See Management tab
100% Guaranteed Resources
No resource overselling!
Server Grade Hardware      
Full Root/Admin Access      
Choice of Operating System
See Operating Systems tab
Control Panels Available
See Addons tab


1 Depending on your chosen plan, your semi-dedicated server will be assigned 1 or 2 physical CPU cores. Each physical CPU core has 2 logical cores (threads) due to our use of Intel® Xeon® Hyper-Threading Technology capable CPUs and will show as 2 CPUs or 4 CPUs in the operating system.
2 CPU, RAM and storage resources are NOT shared unlike in a virtual private server (VPS) environment. The amount of CPU, RAM and storage that your semi-dedicated server will be allocated is 100% dedicated, guaranteed and uncontended.
3 The secondary hard drive by default will be configured as the backups drive allowing you to store a secondary copy of your data for backup purposes on a physically different disk. You may request that we configure this drive as additional storage or otherwise through our helpdesk.
4 2 IPv4 addresses will be assigned by default. Up to 5 IPv4 addresses can be assigned at no additional fee. ARIN recognized justification will be required if you request for an additional IP block. Additional IP blocks can be requested through our helpdesk.

NOTICE: Due to the special configuration we use to guarantee the resources assigned to your semi-dedicated server, upgrading and downgrading between semi-dedicated server plans will generally require migrating from your current semi-dedicated server, to a new semi-dedicated server. In a small number of cases of upgrades only, it may be possible to upgrade your semi-dedicated server without the need to do a migration.

Basic Details  
FREE Setup  
No Hidden Fees  
24/7 Support  
99.95% Uptime Guarantee  
Unlimited Domains  
Full Root Access  
100% Guaranteed Resources
No resource overselling!
Control Panels Available
See Addons tab
Choice of Operating System
See Operating Systems tab
Suitable Applications  
DNS Server  
Web Server  
Zend Server  
FTP Server  
MySQL/PostgreSQL Server  
Hosting Server
Using cPanel/WHM
Game Server  
Mail Server  
Online Storage Server  
Media Streaming  
Custom Applications  
Operating Systems Available - 32-bit & 64-bit Available  
CentOS 6.x  
CentOS 7.x  
Debian 7.x  
Debian 8.x  
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS  
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS  
CloudLinux 6.x 64-bit $15.00/mo
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition (64-bit Only) 1 $20.00/mo
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition (64-bit Only) 1 $20.00/mo

1 Additional Client Access Licenses (CALs) are available. Please see the Addons section.

Server Management  
Additional Systems Administration Hours $75.00/hr
Control Panel  
CentOS OS Only
cPanel/WHM with Softaculous
CentOS OS Only
CentOS, FreeBSD or Debian OS Only
DirectAdmin with Softaculous
CentOS, FreeBSD or Debian OS Only
Zend Server  
Zend Server Free Edition FREE
Zend Server Small Business Edition Contact Sales
Zend Server Professional Edition Contact Sales
Zend Server Enterprise Edition Contact Sales
Additional Windows Server CALs  
5 Pack 1 $189.00
20 Pack 1 $789.00
IP Addresses  
Upgrade to 10 IPv4 Addresses 2 $10.00/mo
Upgrade to 15 IPv4 Addresses 2 $20.00/mo
Upgrade to 20 IPv4 Addresses 2 $30.00/mo
SSL Certificates  
Private SSL Certificate $20.00/yr

1 Additional CALs are available as device or user CALs. This can be selected during the ordering process.
2 ARIN recognized justification will be required if you request for an additional IP block. Additional IP blocks can be requested through our helpdesk.

Full Management Inclusions  
Proactive 24/7 Service Monitoring (Unlimited Services)  
Proactive Security Updates Installation  
Proactive Response to Service Outages  
Installation of Supported Software  
cPanel/WHM Configuration  
Repair of Software Issues (Supported software only)  
Updates Installation for Supported Software (On request)  
Backups Configuration  
Firewall Configuration  
Addons Setup and Configuration (IP blocks, Softaculous, etc.)  
Log File Analysis  
1 Hour of Systems Administration per Month
For requests outside of the abovementioned services
Additional Systems Administration Hours $75.00/hr

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99.95% Uptime Guarantee 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
24x7 Support 24x7 Support
30 Day Money Back Guarantee 30 Day Money Back
Fixed Price Guarantee Fixed Price
* Shared/reseller hosting accounts only

Network Notices

There are currently no network notices. All servers and systems are operating normally.
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