WebsitePanel Shared SSL Folders

To created a shared SSL Folder in WebsitePanel:

1. Login to WebsitePanel
2. Goto the Hosting Spaces Menu
3. Click Shared SSL Folders icon option
4. Click on the Create SSL Folder button
5. On the Add Shared SSL Folder page select the Shared SSL Website ( from the Domain drop down
6. From the Web site drop down select the website that the Shared SSL Folder will inherit settings from
7. Type in the Directory Name. This is will be the folder name that will be appended to the Shared SSL Domain to access your SSL Folder
8. Select the Folder in your hosting space that will be used to store your Shared SSL Folder web pages. This can be a folder inside your website but it is best to create use a new folder outside of any of your websites due the way permissions are set for shared SSL
9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create Folder
10. After the Shared SSL Folder is created you will be shown the Shared SSL Folder Properties page for the Shared SSL Folder