How to Install an SSL Certificate on cPanel

  •   04/05/2013 9:51 PM

PLEASE NOTE: SSL Certificates require a dedicated IP. If you do not have a dedicated IP, please open an support ticket for more information.

From cPanel under SSL Manager:

1. Create a Private Key for the domain. (Its recommended you make it, otherwise it will be, and if is entered into the browser, it will give an SSL Error.) Copy this key and save it for use later.
2. Create a CSR for the domain, using the (or
3. Submit the CSR to the SSL Certificate Company.
4. They will submit back a CRT.

From WHM under Web SSL/TLS:

1. Make sure you have purchased a dedicated IP and this is assigned to the client.
2. Click Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain
3. Type the domain name in the domain box ( or, depending on how the CSR was created).
4. The user and IP address should auto fill in after that.
5. Copy the CRT from the certificate company into the top box.
6. Copy the Key into the bottom box underneath the domain, user, ip boxes.
7. The very bottom box (CA) can remain empty.
8. Click the "Do It" button at the top right.

If no errors are given, and the SSL certificate still does not work, we may have to restart the domain, please submit a ticket with the domain, and a copy of the CRT and KEY, so we can investigate. We charge $20 to fully install an SSL Certificate.