How do I forward a domain?

To forward a domain a couple of things must be in place.
  1. Login to your account at:
  2. Click View / Edit next to "Number of domains in your account"
  3. Next to the domain you want to forward, click the Small "M" for Manage
  4. Select "Change Nameservers"
  5. Change these to Default, save and click Return to Management.
  6. Click "Edit DNS Records"
  7. This will bring up several boxes.
  8. Leave the Hostname colum as is.
  9. In the Address Colum enter the full URL you want to forward too in all 3 spaces. For Example: (Notice the http:// is included)
  10. Change the Drop Down to URL Redirect in all 3 places
  11. Leave all the other boxes as is.
  12. Click Save Changes
In 4 - 6 Hours your domain changes will have propagated across the internet and the domain name will start forwarding to the new site.