My domain is registered via another registrar. Can I transfer it to

In most cases, yes. While it's not absolutely necessary to have your domain registered through us (you can simply set the DNS settings for your domain to our name servers via your existing registrar and have your domain resolve to your account on our servers) some customers prefer the convenience of having us administer their domain as well as host their website.

We are able to initiate domain transfers to our registrar from any of the following popular registrars:
  • Network Solutions/Verisign
  • Dotster
  • DomainDiscover
  • DotRegistrar
  • Bulkregister¬†
  • Melbourne IT/Internet Names Worldwide
  • Tucows/OpenSRS

If your domain is hosted via any of the registrars above if you wish we can initiate a transfer of your domain to our domain registrar at any time. Domain transfers are $8.95 per domain which includes the first year's registration.

Please be aware that we can only transfer .com, .net and .org domains. Also note that all we can do is to initiate the transfer request and that there are numerous reasons for which a transfer attempt may fail and there is no way we can guarantee success.

Possible reasons we may be unable to successfully process a transfer include, but are not limited to:
  • You are not listed as the Registrant, Administrative Contact or Technical Contact for the domain
  • The domain has been registered for less than 60 days
  • The domain is not registered with the one of the supported registrars listed above
  • The Administrative Contact for the domain refused the transfer request
  • The domain is under dispute and has been placed on Registrar-Lock or Registrar-Hold

Transfer Tips
- In order to maximize the chance of a successful transfer prior to requesting a domain transfer perform a whois lookup of your domain via your domain registrar's website and verify that (a) you yourself are listed as the registrant and (b) that the contact information for the domain is valid. In particular make sure that the email address listed for you is a valid, active account as in order for the transfer to succeed you will have to authorize it by responding to an email which will be sent to that address.

- Some domain registrars will not initiate or approve transfers for domains which are approaching their expiration date (some registrars cut off transfers 10 days prior to the domain's expiration however policies vary) so if you decide to transfer your domain registration for the best results you should look to initiate the process at least two weeks before the domain is due to expire.

- Domain transfers do take up to 3 - 5 business days to complete. If you need to change nameservers to reflect your new hosting, please do so BEFORE you initiate a transfer. There is no way to change this data once a transfer has been initiated until it is complete.