Create a subdomain

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Scroll down to the "Domains" Section
  3. Click on Sub-Domains
  4. Under the Create a Subdomain Section
    1. Enter the first part of the subdomain
    2. Select which primary domain you want the subdomain to be on
    3. Edit or Update the Document Root if desired (This is the folder your files will live)
  5. Click the Create button

Once the subdomain has been created there will be a new sub-directory in your public_html folder bearing the name set as the document root. Upload the index page for your subdomain to that folder.

As far as relative paths are concerned the sub-directory containing the subdomain will be handled as if it were the root web accessible directory on a separate account when accessed via the subdomain URL (

While the content within the folder can be accessed via either and any image or link tags which are set to call files using relative paths would be expected to function using the subdomain URL and fail calling the subdomain via it's actual "true" URL (